BDB: Puerto Rico facing bankruptcy, SpaceX our hero, and happy Cinco de Drinko

Turns out our neighbors of the impertinent south are not very hot now.

Puerto Rico has declared bankruptcy, and does not look good for the United States territory in debt or the many investors who have invested. This is the first time that a state or territory announced bankruptcy, and many will be held in the coming months, while the United States are discovering what we can do. Note: Cities, like Detroit, have filed for bankruptcy in the past, but not a single state or territory of the United States. In other words, it is great. Very big.

And it is likely to have an impact on Brevard and Central Florida. Census data show July 2010-July 2015, for example, the Hispanic population of Brevard County has increased by 24 percent, and the cities and counties in central Florida say that many people come to Puerto Rico.

People leave Puerto Rico like crazy. We had a decrease of 10% of the population. This is probably because taxes are high and jobs are scarce. About 60% of Puerto Ricans are unemployed and half the population is in Medicaid.

Back to debt. Do you think your student loans are bad? Puerto Rico has a debt of $ 123 billion, so bankruptcy. I can not even understand how much money there is. Can we just go on and say that they are indebted to the infinite?

This also means that Puerto Rico is struggling to pay for basic services, such as public safety, health, and education. I like to see the beginning of the purge. When public security is compromised, oy, it’s just scary.

This also affects people with pensions that depend on Puerto Rico. This ruling can lead to a 20 percent pension reduction and health insurance will likely have an impact, according to the US. Today reports.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, monitors the bankruptcy case, dropping the fate of declining territory in his hands. There is no pressure.

If there is one thing that Puerto Rico could use at this time, it is likely to be a strong drink that brings me to the next topic: Cinco de Mayo.

Be sure to nail these plans for tonight. There are many things in Brevard and they do not want to lose. You have to love celebrations like this fall friday because we all know how fun it is to celebrate Cinco de Mayo Tuesday. While I can eat Mexican food eight days a week, I simply say.

We have compiled a good long list of places where you can practice tonight.

That said, be careful and write this. AAA and Budweiser are sponsoring a program called trailer to go. Those who need a designated driver can call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246 for a homeless trailer. It is confidential and free service is available tonight and 6am Sunday morning. The only downside is that it should be 10 miles from your destination, so do not go to Orlando and expect to return to Palm Bay.

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