‘Book fairies’ are leaving novels all over Mumbai, have you found one yet?

‘Book fairies’ are leaving novels all over Mumbai, have you found one yet?

‘Book fairies’ are leaving novels all over Mumbai, have you found one yet?

Stroll through Nariman Point with George Orwell. Devdutt Pattanaik let him keep you company on an international flight. Meet Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in a Starbucks outlet.

Is the exploration of the city accompanied by their favorite authors is the sound? It is now possible, thanks to a group of Mumbaiites to hide brochures around the city for bibliophiles to find, read and spend.

They are part of an international project called “The Fairy Book,” which began in March and gained popularity after Emma Watson’s actor concealed feminist books around New York to celebrate International Women’s Day.

He was inspired by SOBO resident Kadambari Mehta to join the movement, which now has 5000 people sharing books in more than 100 countries, between Delhi and Bangalore.

“I had taken a time to club Watson,” Our shared platform. “So I heard about the fairy book and decided to launch the initiative in Mumbai,” said Mehta.

Three months ago a copy of the monuments of the men in Mani Bhavan was hidden. “I wanted to hide books in places that have captured the charm of our city,” he said.
What followed was dribbling books at the National Center for Performing Arts at the David Sassoon Library and even a Mumbai flight that connects Goa.

He hid 10 pounds so far, including one in Goa and Mahabaleshwar.

Malad’s residence, Jaita Guha concealed four, the first was Harry Potter JK Rowling and Cursed Child.
They both said that there were no rules on the type of books they can present. “I shared books that I read and loved.

They do not have to be in perfect condition; Those who had abandoned many of my favorite quotes highlighted. You can also see custom notes between pages, “said Mehta.

Although both women have hidden the books in English so far, Guha said she planned to drop a few Bengali pounds, but she did not know if they would find buyers.

Mehta said many people had asked him for books from Gujarat, which he asked his friends to donate. He also plans to present children’s books on the city’s theater schools.

So how do you determine if the book you saw appeared behind a wall belonged to Guha or Mehta?

They will have a distinctive green and white sticker that said, “Take this book, read it and leave it for the next person to enjoy.”

If you are still unsure, post a photo book with the #IbelieveinBookFairies hashtag so that they can find and confirm, or simply direct you to their Instagram accounts.

This is what biomedical engineer Deepti Dyondi did when he encountered a copy of Guha Memories of a related autorickshaw Geisha Andheri June 28
“I was returning from a yoga class in Malad when the driver of the car told me that someone had left his book in the back seat. I thought I would check if I belonged in a local library so I could return.

Seeing the book of fairy stickers made me so happy, especially since it was my birthday the day before and it was a perfect gift. I saw the photo on Instagram Guha and thanked him, “he said.

The official fairy book Instagram fai, Mehta began a week ago, is proposed to establish feedback indicating next fall.

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