Books for Civil IAS Preliminary Services and Exams Preparation Network

Books for Civil IAS Preliminary Services and Exams Preparation Network

If you have the question “What are the books needed to Clear the IAS Exam ?” In your mind, we hope this publication will clear all your doubts. Taking first entries, below is a detailed list of the best NIC books in the market based on the current UPSC course for each subject in Preliminaries and Network. Applicants can click on each link to buy books online at a discount. Links to free IAS line study material are also provided in this publication (see the previous section). Make the most of it. Good luck!

NCERT Books in the Life of IAS Aspirants

If students are struggling to find NCERT Books online, Our website is the place to go because all textbooks NCERT Class 6 to Class 12. These books are available on our free download site with NCERT Solutions Copy Solutions . To help students and make their effective preparations, we also offer study tips, sample papers, NCERT questions to the CBSE Board and more.


NCERT Books for Class 10

The NCERT books for Branch 10 can be downloaded, including English, Hindi, Math, Science and Social Studies. These questions about textbooks are very useful to better understand the concepts and facilitate the memorization of formulas. All questions asked in the NCERT book with their complete solutions are provided on our website. For your consideration, a number of questions are raised directly from NCERT textbooks and better books.

NCERT Class 11 Books

NCERT textbooks are highly recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), teachers also use these books to frame the issues in the tests. Students can also download NCERT books for Class 11 solution including Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathis and Physics.

NCERT Books of class 12

It is strongly recommended that students explore books comprehensively. Students can find NCERT solutions for studying Business, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Core English, Physics and Mathematics and free download

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