Builder usurps BMC plot, submits plan to construct 39-storey tower

Builder usurps BMC plot, submits plan to construct 39-storey tower

Builder usurps BMC plot, submits plan to construct 39-storey tower

MUMBAI: Attempts by a builder named by a housing society to invade BMC land and encourage to build additional plants in a reconstruction project in Oshiwara were frustrated by civic leaders.

The manufacturer had initially obtained permission to build 39 flats after demolishing two four-story Maja buildings of the Prabhakar Kunte housing company.

But it showed an adjacent parcel reserved as a playground (RG) by the BMC within the company’s existing facilities.

The company and manufacturer indicated that the two plots had the same STC number, that they even approached the court and obtained a warrant against the BMC a few years ago. The fight between the manufacturer and BMC was carried out for seven years.

The manufacturer has changed the last month plan to reduce the number of flats to 30, but was not willing to give up the RG plot.

On Saturday, the BMC demolished the border wall, the builder had built around the land after the merger of the two plots and taken their land.

The company threatened to file a scornful judgment against civic leaders, sources said. The secretary of the society was not available for comment.

The row goes back to 2008, when the manufacturer was appointed to reorganize the company.

Two years later, a proposal was presented to build a 39-storey building on the plot. Civic officials said that the description provided in the design framework mentions the original area of the premises of the company, but in the design, the two plots were merged.

The manufacturer has also shown that RG parcel belonged to the company in order to obtain additional construction rights.

The manufacturer has obtained a Mhada CON to support its application and claimed it used its influence to obtain the initial authorization of BMC to build the 39-storey building. But the BMC seized the courts.
The manufacturer should be reserved for fraud and convicted in the toughest terms and penalized as a deterrent to other manufacturers, so these similar offenses are not compromised or attempted.

“The company has cheated the court after declaring that the two plots in its possession had the same number of CTS,” said Prashant Gaikwad, assistant to K-West district commissioner.

“The RG plot belongs to us.They have invaded the plot, which has been preserved for the extension of the road and RG.No notify us to the court.”

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