FYJC admissions: Don’t expect cut-offs to fall in next merit lists in Mumbai colleges

FYJC admissions: Don’t expect cut-offs to fall in next merit lists in Mumbai colleges

FYJC admissions: Don’t expect cut-offs to fall in next merit lists in Mumbai colleges

Although cuts at Mumbai universities have sunk in the first merit list for undergraduate admissions Junior College (FYJC) announced Tuesday that students do not know what to expect the second, third and fourth towers.

A total of 32, 477 students applying 2.3 lakh in the general category, have obtained an admission fee and 53 by 803 received their first preference. This means that only 63% of students are left to compete in the following rounds.

Despite this, authorities warned students that the next round will be unpredictable – cuts could increase or decrease – due to new admission rules.

These rules allow students to change their university preferences and extended after each round, but there is no improvement of seat, unlike previous years.

Officials advise students to be careful if they are going to place the assigned seats on the first list in hopes of better options in the next steps.

“This year, cuts on the merits list do not follow any order. Until last year, the cuts fall after each list, but this time, they could even increase when students change flow and preference change” said Chavan , Deputy Director of Education, Bombay region.

This means that if a university has closed to 80% on the first list, the threshold could increase to 85% on the second list or drop to 75%.

“One of the students who were assigned to Ruparel College, his second preference on the first list asked if he would get his first pruning list preference, but there is no way to predict what will happen on the following lists of this time,” Added Chavan.

Students and parents are concerned about the next steps. They said the rules have made it difficult to choose colleges.

“I think it’s extremely confusing admission process and based on chance instead of merit,” said Dheeraj Pandya, a Mahim student who won 81% on the SSC exams and awarded his fourth preference on the first list.

“I do not know if I should leave it in the hands of the affected university or try my luck in other cycles, but this involves a risk of losing that seat too,” Dheeraj said.

Parag Thakkar, CEO of HR College, said that the list will depend on the number of vacancies after the first round and the number of students who ran the risk of expecting better seats or have played safe by taking the admission to the seats Assigned.

The first list, due to be broadcast at 5 pm Monday, was finally declared at 1 am on Tuesday after several delays.

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