showcased their collection. Rohit and Rahul Gandhi were part of the grand finale at VHIMW and they cited a confluence of nature and culture as inspiration for their latest collection. It has jersey lowers in with dropped crotches, while upper features narrow collars, skinny ties. There are overall in canvas and jean-fabrics, with denim suits thrown in for relief. The colour palette has a base of black, white and gray, along with forest green, apple red and mist blues lifting

extensive detailing with colour blocking and strong graphic prints.

While Soni’s On the Run collection comprised flawlessly cut tuxedos, cotton shirts, jackets and pants for a leaner sexier look, Rahul and Rohit’s collection Hypernature’ had pants with dropped crotches, small collars with thin ties and denim suits in forest green, apple red, mist blues and evergreen-black.

Trends in men’s fashion
Rocky S: Kurtas are going to be a rage in the coming time. They are comfortable and can be made so trendy when paired with loose jackets, crushed silk scarves, and skinny jeans. Besides kurtas, accessories too are set to be a hit with our younger generation. Belts and bags will be a must-have fashion accessory. In fabric mulmul, linen, textured fabrics, silk and cotton will be in vogue.

Sanchita Ajjampur: Tailored sports jackets offering a more youthful fit with old-school detailing will be in. For a more causal look- cords paired with vintage graphic T-shirts, and a scarf draped around the neck will be in demand.

Rohit and Rahul Khanna: Sharp, well-tailored suits in colours, such as muted browns and charcoal greys, will be the highlight of this winters men’s fashion along with a great focus on accessories such as belts and shoes.

Zubair Kirmani: Mostly bright colours. Red, purples, pink and ivory are going to be really in. [J£

Adding to the glitz at the Men’s Fashion Week Bollywood actors Aftab Shivdasani and Dino Morea dazzled at the ramp on the third day. Salman Khan wooed women with his charming smile as he strode the ramp at the finale. Looking confident, the actor walked with poise when designers Ashish Soni, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna of label Cue


My daughter who is now 20 has been obsessed with getting cosmetic surgery for many things. Until now I was telling her that she is too young but she now insists that she has saved money and just wants my approval. I am afraid for her. What do I do?

Yes, it is sad that we live in such a beauty-obsessed world. If your daughter is obsessed with surgery for issues that do NOT really need it then what she needs is rebuilding her self-esteem and confidence. Let her consult a good doctor and speak to her about risks of surgery, even the most ordinary one can go wrong, so should be undertaken only when it is the only solution. Let her also consult a good psychologist to discuss her obsession in depth.

We are two sisters and have different skin tones. Also, my sister tans within minutes whereas I have no reaction in the sun. Why this difference?

Obviously, your sister and you have the same parents but have inherited different genetic make-ups from them. The skin pigment called melanin is a natural protection against the sun’s rays.

The melanin cells multiply faster in some people – the Western population is fond of the sun but their skin cannot produce melanin that fast and hence they are cautioned about skin cancer! Everybody tans differently, there is no right or wrong in this.


My husband suffers from premature baldness and is keen on a hair transplant. Is it safe and does it look natural?

Yes, there is no health hazard in getting a hair transplant to cover premature baldness but for it to look natural and good it must be done well by a good and experienced person. So, help your husband make an informed choice now that he has decided. After all, even men have a right to look good and spend money on beauty.

I want to use honey on my face daily but it’s not possible to do a whole face pack. Is there a way out?

Well, yes, in summer you can just take it in a spoon and massage gently in small, circular motions on the full face and neck. Wash it off with cool water and see the glow. In winter you could warm the spoon up beforehand so it does not pull the skin. In winter you use tepid water to wash it off. It is mainly added to face packs as it allows the fruit you mix it with to stay longer on the skin without sliding off!

I am tired of using rose water in my face-care regime. Are there any other flowers that can be used in summer that are refreshing and are they readily available?

You can try making your own with fresh jasmine flowers. Take half a cup of warm water, soak the washed flowers in it, leave for half an hour, take out the flowers and smell this liquid. You can refrigerate it for a week easily. Soak cotton wool in that and wipe your face with it. You could even try with lotus flower fragrance in the shops but there’s nothing like making your own real thing!

I work hard in office and, specially in summer when I come home and have to go out for any social evening, I am just unable to make my skin glow and end up looking dull, despite make-up. What should I do?

Even the best make-up will not hide tired skin. Try a power nap of a


few minutes. If you have watermelon in the house take a chunk, mash it and mix one tsp of powder milk in it. Apply, leave for 15 minutes and wash it off. Also, dry-massage your scalp, it will boost blood-flow and make you feel fresh.

I am 21 and have excellent skin. I don’t use much make-up either and want to ensure that my skin remains just as it is. Should I do some specific facials or packs?

It is good that you are happy with your skin and want to start working for its condition now rather than wait until time shows its ugly hand. However, be prepared that even with the best of care, age and lifestyle will affect the skin too. Eat healthy and devise your own cocktail of fruit mix for weekly face pack. Papaya and apricots are good. While the papaya needs to be overripe the apricots (one or two) need to be soaked overnight and then pulped. Mix full- cream yoghurt and a few drops of honey. Apply on your face and neck, leave for 25 minutes, then wash off.

I am 26 and find my hair has become too brittle, dull and lifeless, contrary to what it was – a crowning glory before marriage, the water here is too hard and I also use hair colour every three-four weeks.

Check the quality of your hair dye and ensure that you are not leaving any residue when you wash it the first time. Also select the appropriate softening conditioner that is good for the hair dye as well. If you find that your hair is also dry at the base then massage it once a week with warmed olive oil or almond oil.


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