The monk who picked up the guitar

The monk who picked up the guitar

The monk who picked up the guitar

Kabeer Shakya, founder and singer of the Dhamma Wings, is no different, but his penchant for Gautama Buddha, Dr. BR Ambedkar and Dalit distinguishes regular musicians from the group’s brotherhood.

“I intend to spread the message of equality. Even after 70 years of independence, the Dalits are discriminated against in India, they must stop,” he said, before his concert in Realization of Resistance event Godrej India Culture laboratory Will explore the intersection between castes, history and musical traditions in Maharashtra.

As a 21 year old Shakya went to a monastery in Bodhgaya to learn the principles of Buddhism. “In our community, every child should live the life of a monk for a few days.

I did it for two weeks. While learning the Buddha’s ideologies, I understood that the problem of the caste is secular. He also suffered from taking responsibility for the rights of all communities “who share Shakya, who formed the group on his return to Mumbai in 2012.

At first, 28 years were struggling to find musicians who believed in their vision. “We were born and raised in an urban environment, we had no problems of caste, but afflicted atrocities against Dalits in other parts of the country, especially in Uttar Pradesh.

The higher castes still annoying. “Shakya had to convince people to join the mission but soon felt the passion had to be natural.

“I finally succeeded and today, my group of musicians from different backgrounds,” welcomes Shakya, who regularly attended discussions and events in Buddhism and Ambedkar.

“When I started studying Babasaheb I understood the Dalit problem,” he said.

The group interprets songs written by Shakya, and made interpretations of old songs Ambedkar. “There are verses from ancient poets and singers like Waman Kardak and Shravan Yashwante.

Kardak was born a Dalit, later converted to Buddhism, and he was a follower of Ambedkar, “said Shakya, whose recent departure is Prabuddha Ho Manava. Other popular songs include Buddhang Namami and Jay Bhim Se.

The change of mentality in the USA And Africa over color inspired. “They know that their ancestors were wrong, dividing people based on color and more learning from such mistakes.”

The resident of New Bombay has a recording studio in Mankhurd and songs regularly broadcast.

“My next song is Zindabaad Democracy,” he added. In the concert, which will present Shivaba Mere, a song dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji.


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