Mumbai top college admission cutoffs down 6% due to fewer high scorers, new quota rules

Mumbai top college admission cutoffs down 6% due to fewer high scorers, new quota rules

Mumbai top college admission cutoffs down 6% due to fewer high scorers, new quota rules

The admission rules for new students that impede the allocation of reserved places in the general category, associates within scorers in this year’s high school certificate examinations (SSC) have lowered the school high junior high thresholds (FYJC) In the top schools in Mumbai from above 6% on the first merit list for 2017-18.

The chaos continued in schools Tuesday because the list of merits, scheduled for launch on Monday at 17 a.m., was broadcast at 1am, but universities were not able to see that after 11 hours. The delays were experienced on the occasion of a new body, Nisa Asia, which was in charge of admission.

The maximum advantage was in the trade flow, which had the highest number of allowances (92,083 students). At Narsee Monjee College, Vile Parle – one of the most sought after schools of Commerce – cuts fell to 91.83% from 94.5% last year. Similarly, at the Churchgate Human Resources College, revenue fell 91.4 percent, down from 93.4 percent last year.

Principals have attributed this to the new rule in which students have access to quota seats are general lists of excluded categories.

“Until last year, quotas also ask for general seats, resulting in cuts,” said Parag Ajagaonkar, Director, NM College.

Science courses fell cuts, even in coveted schools. At Jai Hind College, Churchgate, the threshold dropped to 84.6%, well below 90.4% last year. While trading inflows fell to 89.4% from 91.8% and the Arts fell to 89.8% from 91.4% last year.

At Fort St. Xavier, the science threshold was the lowest in two years to 89.8% (it was 91.4% last year and 91.8% in 2015). But his artistic failure fell some points to 94% from 94.4% last year.

Similarly, Mithibai College, Vile Parle, the cuts were 3% to 4% in rivers. Science fell to 85.17% from 89.20%, trading was 87.6% compared to 91.6%, and the arts closed at 83.8%, significantly lower than 87 33% from the previous year .

“We are surprised that the threshold has been reduced in so many points, even if there has been no momentum,” said Ashok Director Wadia College.

He said he expects managers that cuts will increase after students have received 15 to 25 extra points for excellence in cultural and sports activities on the SSC exams.

Vidyadhar Joshi, Deputy Director, VG Vaze Kelkar, Mulund, accused the trend of some students scored in the 90s on the SSC exams. This year, the number of students who scored between 90 and 95% in SSC dropped to 10,991 from 12,523, while 2584 students scored more than 95%. “Students who got more than 90% had less this year,” Joshi said.

On the other hand, some youth universities affiliated to the schools saw higher denominations. In Thakur Vidya Mandir, Kandivli, the breakout science rose to 93.16%, while it was around 89% to 90% last year.

“Our list starts at 98.2%, which is significantly higher than what we have received in the past,” said the school authorities.

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