NASA Just Called Out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop ‘Healing Stickers

NASA Just Called Out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop ‘Healing Stickers

NASA Just Called Out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop ‘Healing Stickers

In an article published Thursday, Goop has promoted “portable healing stickers” that are sold by a group called Vibes Body, reports CNN.

In a part of the product description on the Goop website, which has since been removed, Goop said that the stickers are “made with the same carbon conducting material that NASA uses to put space suits so that it can monitor the Vital signs of an astronaut during use. ”

However, NASA officials told CNN not to use carbon material to line up their costumes and their current space suit has no carbon fiber.

In addition, Mark Shelhamer, a former chief scientist at NASA’s Human Research Division, told Gizmodo that the description was “a burden of BS,” adding that “not just the general premise, as the snake oil logic does not admit If they promote healing, why do they leave marks on the skin when they are removed?
Stickers $ 60 for 10 packaged are “pre-programmed for an ideal frequency, allowing them to address imbalances” and “fill gaps in their stores, creating a soothing, soothing physical tension and anxiety,” according to the Description Goop the product.

In response to the controversy, a Goop representative told Fortune in a statement that “the advice and recommendations included in Goop are not formal endorsements and opinions expressed by experts and companies with whom the profile may not represent the views Of pegote “.

“Our content is designed to highlight unique products and offers to find open alternatives and encourage conversation.

We constantly strive to improve our website for our readers and to continue improving our process of evaluating the products and companies that are presented.

Based on the NASA statement, we returned to the company to report the complaint and withdraw the request from our site until we have an additional check.

In a statement to Fortune, a spokesman for the Vibes Corps apologized for the error, adding that “we have never intended to deceive anyone.”

“We learned that our engineer was misinformed by a dealer about the material in question, which was purchased for his unique specifications.

We regret that we can not do our due diligence before including distributor information in the history of our product, “said the spokesman.

“However, the origins of matter have no impact on the effectiveness of our product.

Vibes Body maintains its commitment to providing a holistic lifestyle tool and we want the quality and effectiveness of our product.

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