Relief for Maharashtra farmers as Devendra Fadnavis govt waives Rs 34,000 cr loan

Relief for Maharashtra farmers as Devendra Fadnavis govt waives Rs 34,000 cr loan

Relief for Maharashtra farmers as Devendra Fadnavis govt waives Rs 34,000 cr loan

Two weeks after the announcement of the loan waiver, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis launched another project on Saturday to provide debt relief of Rs 34,000 to struggling farmers in the state.

A debt of up to Rs 1500 per farmer has been canceled the new program announced by the government led by the BJP.

Called Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Krishi Yojana Sanman, Fadnavis said that the program will benefit 89 lakh farmers, making 40 lakh and without debt.
The Minister said that all ministers and parliamentarians contribute a month’s salary to support the loan waiver, as reported by the DNA.

Firstpost published an article where even Shiv Sena had said that his representatives shared their wages to contribute to the waiver of agricultural lending.

Farmers in many parts of Maharashtra were on a warpath earlier this month, which disrupted the supply of vegetables and other essential elements of cities, including Mumbai.

They ask for a loan exemption, which was supported by all political parties. The turmoil was canceled after the government gave them the security to establish a comprehensive scheme to help farmers pressured by debt.

The agitation of farmers in Maharashtra was canceled on June 12 after the government announced a waiver of credit to farmers with less than five hectares of land.

This decision was made during a four-hour meeting at Sahyadri House in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. Ministers and heads of farmers attended the meeting.

Initially Fadnavis had said that the government would launch a loan waiver by the end of October.

The difficult situation of loans to farmers rose rapidly in a political bottleneck for the state government with the head of government claiming that its political rivals are luring political revenue from the agricultural crisis.

“The modalities are being developed and I can say with conviction that this will be the largest loan exemption in the history of Maharashtra,” Fadnavis told reporters after a meeting with the Minister of Urban Development of the Union, Venkaiah Naidu.

Raju Shetti, head of Swabhimani Paksha, said Firstpost that the farming community would start another series of required events if promises are not met before July 25.

With the exception of Maharashtra, several state governments have also announced the waiver of loans from farmers large and small. According to the NDTV, the Yogi Adityanath government in April announced a waiver of agricultural loans of Rs 36 billion rupees in Uttar Pradesh. This particular resignation, pledged to the proximity of the state elections earlier this year.

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