Blue Whale Suicide Game

Want To Play The Blue Whale Suicide Game? It Seems Many Teens Do

Three weeks ago, I published an article about the sinister suicide game that would have cost the lives of 130 Russian teenagers. He became the most commented on the page of my website with teenagers wondering how they can play the game.


The Blue Whale Challenge is a sick series of online challenges designed to catch vulnerable teenagers, culminating in convincing them to end their own lives in order to “win”.

The game, which often involves self-alerting and psychologically dark problems, is considered a victim through “suicide groups” on social networking sites such as VKontakte. The challenge takes 50 days to complete and derives its name from the common belief that blue whales voluntarily cling to their own lives.

When I wrote about the game on my site a few weeks ago, I was surprised to find that even though it is a website in English, most visitors to the page came from countries of Eastern Europe. The whale challenge is a problem.

Worryingly, many of the comments in my article seemed to be teenagers wondering how they could play themselves. I decided to do a little experiment, so I added a button to the page giving readers the opportunity to “run the game”.

Do I want to play the Blue Whale Suicide Game?


My experience was to drive readers who wanted to play a secondary page of my website, so I could see in my website statistics how many people were interested in playing the game.

9.6% of people who read my article Blue Whale continued to click the button to play the game.

Once they clicked the button, they were brought to a page that said, “Do you really want to play Blue Whale Suicide Game? A game that says “there is no return?” “A game that benefits vulnerable adolescents?

At the bottom of the page, you wrote: “You really do not want to play the game! Come back and get some cat videos on YouTube” and provided me with a link to a funny cat video.

I also asked the visitors on this page what they were doing there and asked them to tell me in the comments section.

The page quickly became the most commented on the page of my site, but the comments were not what I expected. Even though I have warned the readers of the game, almost all the comments come from teenagers who said they wanted to play.

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